Starfield: How to Change Ships

Starfield: How to Change Ships

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If you’re exploring the vast universe of Starfield and feel like your trusty Frontier ship isn’t cutting it anymore, you’re in luck! Starfield offers a multitude of ships that you can buy, earn, or even steal, giving you the freedom to change your vessel as you see fit. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about changing ships in Starfield, from where to find new ships to customizing and upgrading them.



How to Change Starfield Ships


In Starfield, there are several methods to switch to a new ship. Here’s how to do it:


1. Speak to a Ship Technician

Where: You can find ship technicians scattered throughout the universe.


How: Approach a ship technician and engage in a conversation. Look for the prompt that says, “I’d like to view and modify my ships.” Select it, and you’ll see a list of all the ships you own. Choose the ship you want to make your new “home ship” by selecting the “Make Home Ship” button.


Buying a New Ship: If you don’t already have another ship to switch to, you can also purchase a ship from the technician, provided you have the required credits. Ship vendors often update their inventory with new ships every in-game day, so keep an eye out for fresh options.


2. Use Outpost Ship Building Controls


Where: To switch ships at an outpost, you’ll need a shipbuilding kiosk.


How: Build a large landing pad at your outpost to access the shipbuilding kiosk. Constructing a large landing pad requires specific resources, including iron, beryllium, adaptive frame, and zero wire. Once the pad is in place, use the kiosk to customize your ship and set it as your new home ship.



Customization: The ship builder allows you to perform various customizations, making it a convenient option if you prefer making changes at your outpost rather than visiting a ship technician.


3. Steal a Ship

How: Another way to switch ships is by hijacking one. When you steal a ship, it automatically becomes your new home ship. There’s no need to worry about the ship you left behind during the theft, as it will still be part of your fleet.


Pilot Skill: To successfully hijack a ship, your pilot skill must meet the required level. Class C ships, for example, demand a pilot skill level of four.


Home Ship Overview

Once you’ve designated a ship as your “home ship,” it becomes the one you board for launching into space and landing. However, be mindful of the cargo in your ship, especially if you’re traveling to destinations with contraband scans. You may need to offload contraband or ensure you have enough shielded cargo space to avoid detection.


Many stolen ships, particularly those from the Crimson Fleet, offer shielded cargo capacity to protect against scans. Alternatively, you can purchase scan jammers to thwart the scanning process, though there’s always a small chance of detection.



As your collection of Starfield ships grows, you may consider selling some of them. Visit a ship services technician to sell ships, but remember that stolen ships must be registered before selling. Keep in mind that you’ll receive only a fraction of a stolen ship’s value when selling it. Nevertheless, it’s a lucrative way to earn money, especially if you’ve collected not only ships but also stolen cargo.




That’s the comprehensive guide on how to change ships in Starfield. If you’re interested in learning about the best ships to add to your inventory or want to explore ship designs, we’ve got you covered with additional guides. Safe travels in the cosmos of Starfield!


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