Thor Is Now Very Close To Being As Powerful As MCU’s Odin

Thor Is Now Very Close To Being As Powerful As MCU's Odin
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Following Thor: Love and Thunder, it is extremely easy to assert that Thor is as powerful as Odin, if not more powerful. Even though Odin wasn’t extremely active in the MCU, he was still recognized as one of the MCU’s most powerful figures, if only because he had long held that position in the comics. This was mostly due to the influence of a certain force, and Thor’s potential link to this power may ultimately elevate him over Odin.

Odin’s ability to control the Odin force, a mystic energy force unique to the king of Asgard, is one of his most potent talents. In the comic book story Blood and Thunder, Odin fought Thanos and the Silver Surfer simultaneously, proving that the Odin force makes him one of the most powerful figures in the Marvel universe. While the Odinforce has not been directly addressed in the MCU, the Odinsleep is a side effect of it; hence, Odin’s occasional occurrence of the Odinsleep indicates that the Odinforce exists in the MCU. In turn, this would indicate how powerful Odin is in the MCU, as it appears his powers in the film universe are comparable to those in the comics.

The Odinforce is one of the most potent abilities in the Marvel universe, which explains why Thor may have surpassed Odin in the MCU. Thor has displayed his ability to enchant and strengthen people and objects in Thor: Love and Thunder, first when he mistakenly enchanted Mjolnir to protect Jane, and later when he shared his power with the Asgardian children during the climactic battle against Gorr the God-Killer. Thor’s ability to enchant people and objects suggests that he has inherited the Odinforce and is possibly as strong as Odin, if not more so.

Why Hasn’t Thor Used The Odin force Before Love & Thunder?

Obviously, this begs the question of why Thor never employed the Odin force prior to the events of Thor: Love and Thunder, but this is an easy one to answer. Thor has employed the Odin force on several occasions in the comics, but he has never been able to fully control it. In fact, the latest God of Hammers arc reveals that he was never able to access its full potential since Odin was still alive at the time. Assuming Thor possesses the Odin force in the MCU, his failure to utilize it prior to Love and Thunder could be explained by the fact that he was still striving to master it. The fact that Thor accidentally enchanted Mjolnir lends support to this notion, and although he actively empowered the Asgardian children, he was likely compelled to do so by the dire circumstances.
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