Top 10 Personal Security Tips in Nigeria

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Top 10 Personal Security Tips in Nigeria


Your safety at home, at work, and while traveling is advised in personal security advice. If you follow personal security advice, you, your loved ones, and your property can be protected from harm or crime. You’ll find advice on personal security in this post that will safeguard and prepare you as well as people nearby if these procedures are taken. Even though we’ll just cover ten personal safety suggestions in this article, the list is not all-inclusive.

Here’s the top 10 Personal Security Tips in Nigeria

1. Construct a perimeter fence around your property

Living in Nigeria, you’ll notice that practically every structure has a fence around it for security purposes. To keep unauthorized guests out, they fence their buildings. Therefore, if you plan to build a house in Nigeria, you should plan to erect a perimeter fence.

2. Stay Low Profile

Try to maintain a low profile to avoid drawing unwarranted attention to oneself. Avoid wearing loud jewelry or wearing clothing that will draw attention to oneself. Additionally, make an effort not to discuss critical aspects of your work in public settings where you could be overheard. You should exercise caution when discussing personal and financial information about yourself and your loved ones with strangers over the phone, and your family members should be educated not to do the same.

3. Install an alarm system in your home, place of business, and vehicle

Installing an alarm system in your home, place of business, and vehicle is one approach to deter burglars from breaking into your residence or place of business, as well as car thieves from taking your vehicle or your possessions.

4. Be Conscious of Your Environment

A piece of essential personal security advice that might protect you from injury or danger is to be aware of your surroundings. You should be aware of whether parts of your city or neighborhood pose a security risk and take safeguards by remaining aware of your surroundings. Always be aware of people and parked cars when you are entering or leaving a regular location, such as an office, home, or school. Your family members and kids should learn to become mindful of unexpected occurrences and strangers in their immediate environment.

5. When speaking on the phone in public, use caution.

It’s critical to avoid taking business calls when in public since doing so puts you at risk of accidentally giving criminals access to sensitive information.


If you wish to live safely and terror-free in Nigeria, you must cherish those advice closely. They must never be compromised.

6. Ensure that all of your car’s windows are windup when driving at night.

In Nigeria, you should never wind down your automobile windows at night because you risk being attacked by children on the streets.

7. Put burglary detectors in your windows

In Nigeria, people install window burglaries to deter robbers from breaking into their homes or businesses.

8. Put burglary detectors in your windows

In Nigeria, people install window burglaries to deter robbers from breaking into their homes or businesses.

9. Perform Thorough Security Checks Before Hiring Domestic Workers

If you reside in Nigeria, it is common practice to employ cooks, gate men, washer men, and nannies among other people. Be sure to perform thorough background and security checks before hiring any domestic help.

10. Communication


You should make it a habit to be aware of where and when each member of your family is supposed to be. The same goes for information alerting your friends or relatives to your whereabouts. However, it is important to caution members of your family against telling outsiders about the whereabouts of other family members. Additionally, make an effort to build strong relationships with your neighbors. If you and your neighbors get along well, they might watch over your property while you’re away and share important security situation updates with you.

The reality is that in Nigeria right now, nobody is safe, and our 200 million fellow citizens have nowhere to flee. The irony is that despite the military’s presence in practically all of Nigeria’s states, the country’s security situation is getting worse by the day.

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