Top 10 Worst MHA Ships, Toxic Ranked

Top 10 Worst MHA Ships
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My Hero Academia reveals a world in which the majority of humans possess supernatural powers known as Quirks. It recounts the journey of one boy, Izuku Midoriya, and introduces a diverse group of individuals. Along the way, he encounters a range of characters, from his classmates at school to the opposite side’s villains. And naturally, fans like creating a variety of relationships between these characters.


However, not all ships are made alike; while many ships are healthy and consensual, there are also many ships that are unhealthy for a variety of reasons. Whether due to age differences, history, or positions, certain My Hero Academia ships are the series’ most toxic.

Top 10 Worst MHA Ships, Toxic Ranked


Bakugo & Midoriya Have A Complicated Past

Bakugo x Midoriya is one of the most popular and poisonous ships in the Hero Academia fandom. Bakugo has a lengthy history of openly and ruthlessly harassing Midoriya since they were children.

Despite the fact that Bakugo has improved since his worst times with Midoriya and that their relationship is on the mend, it is still in a rather poisonous state. Until Bakugo fully apologizes to Midoriya for their history, this relationship between the bully and the victim stays mostly dysfunctional.


Mineta Is Too Creepy For Anyone

Minoru Mineta From My Hero Academia Carrying Balls
Due to his arrogant and troublesome attitude toward the girls in his class, Mineta is the most unlikeable character in 1-A. On several occasions, he has acted in a deplorable manner, objectifying his female peers and breaching norms to steal a glance at their bodies.

A relationship between Mineta and any of these girls would be horribly unhealthy. In addition, the only way fans would believe Mineta had a girlfriend is if they were indoctrinated, and everyone knows that Shinsou would never do such a thing.


Shigaraki & Midoriya Are On Opposite Sides

Shigaraki taunts Midoriya in My Hero Academia
Many people enjoy the adversaries-to-lovers narrative, and Shigaraki and Midoriya’s relationship is no exception. Shigaraki is 21 and Midoriya is approximately 15 at the beginning of the series; however, their relationship is neither legal nor voluntary.

Midoriya and Shigaraki are on opposing sides, and Shigaraki is much more inclined to attempt to assassinate the dangerously selfless Midoriya than to fall in love with him. Despite the fact that it would be fantastic to watch the enemies-to-lovers transformation in this case, it is an extremely unlikely and poisonous scenario, even without the age difference.


Toga Is Too Obsessed With Midoriya

While Toga is younger than Midoriya, her obsessive and brutal personality makes it difficult for viewers to envision a healthy connection between the two. Toga’s infatuation for Midoriya is exceedingly unhealthy, as she has been fascinated with him ever since she first met him.

Toga’s fascination is with his blood and “becoming” him, not with a fairytale ending. In addition, she is on the side of the antagonist, whereas Midoriya is on the side of the hero. It is difficult to envisage a connection between them that is anything other than toxic.


Endeavor & Rei Are The Only Canonically Toxic Ship

Endeavor and Rei are the only pair in the series who officially existed previously, but their former relationship was extremely poisonous. Endeavor only married Rei for her Quirk, intending to utilize her to generate children with the most powerful Quirk.


It is well known that Endeavor had no compassion for her, and that he ultimately caused her mental breakdown. Even though Endeavor is a fantastic leader and has apologized for his previous actions, many fans cannot forgive him or view his relationship with Rei as healthy.


Bakugo Is Too Young For Best Jeanist

During his internship, Bakugo’s hero mentor was Best Jeanist. They just spent a few days together, but fans continue to view them as a popular but toxic ship. Not only is the age difference between the adult man and adolescent boy extremely unhealthy, but so is their dynamic together.

Bakugo appeared to disdain Best Jeanist’s efforts to get him to conform to more acceptable, fan-friendly norms. Even if there were no age gap, it would be difficult to sustain a relationship built on unhealthy control.


All Might Is Closer To A Father To Midoriya

In the series, Midoriya and All Might share a father-son mentor relationship, making it difficult for some to see them together. Undoubtedly, this is a highly popular ship. This ship also exhibits a significant age difference, with an older man and a teenager.

The family dynamic between All Might and Midoriya makes this ship even worse in the eyes of certain fans. Midoriya views All Might more as a role model or father figure, making it tough to see the two as a couple.


Aizawa Is Class 1-A’s Teacher, Not Their Lover

As the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A, Aizawa has been transported with each student in his class. Obviously, this also addresses the age difference between an adult man and a teenager. Aizawa also holds a position of leadership over his class.

Any ship involving Aizawa and one of his students is much more poisonous because he has more authority over the student, resulting in an unequal power dynamic. While supporters support Aizawa as a role model for his kids, any ship between him and his students is problematic.


Nomu Are Too Brainless To Be Shipped With Midoriya

Nomu are the monster-like monsters created by science that the villains utilize to combat the heroes. Midoriya has encountered his fair number of overpowered beings; hence, shipping Nomu with Midoriya has become a fandom fad. It is difficult to determine if there is an age difference because the Nomu are practically brainless and cannot successfully converse with Midoriya.


Furthermore, the Nomu might just as easily be obeying orders, as it is evident that the villains have control over how the Nomu behave. Midoriya and Nomu’s vessel is obviously unique, but nonetheless poisonous.


Eri Is Too Young To Ship With Midoriya

Eri is the child Midoriya rescued from Overhaul, which should be enough to alert fans that this ship is quite problematic. Eri is just 6 years old when she first appears in the novel; hence, she should not be paired with anyone from Class 1-A due to the hazardous age gap.

Possibly most importantly, Eri looks up to Midoriya since he stood up for her, and if the age gap and power disparity between them weren’t enough, the power mismatch makes it even worse. Eri is indeed adorable, but as a child, she should not be paired with anyone, least alone Midoriya.

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