Unlocking the Vault in Payday 3's Rock the Cradle Heist

Unlocking the Vault in Payday 3’s Rock the Cradle Heist

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Payday 3 is renowned for its intricate heists and complex missions, and the “Rock the Cradle” heist lives up to this reputation. In this mission, your primary objective might be to steal a crypto wallet, but there’s also a secondary objective – a vault filled with cold, hard cash. To gain access to this vault, you’ll need to find and enter the correct vault code. In this article, we’ll provide a detailed guide on the process of locating the vault code in the “Rock the Cradle” heist.



The “Rock the Cradle” Heist: A Brief Overview


Before delving into the specifics of the vault code, let’s discuss the “Rock the Cradle” heist itself. This particular mission is part of the Payday 3 series, known for its intricate and thrilling heists. In “Rock the Cradle,” your crew’s primary objective is to steal a valuable crypto wallet. However, as you venture deeper into the mission, you’ll discover an additional objective – a vault brimming with cash.


Importance of the Vault Code


In the world of Payday 3, meticulous planning is essential to the success of any heist. This includes gathering valuable information like the vault code. The vault code is the key to accessing the secondary objective in the “Rock the Cradle” heist, which is a vault filled with cash. To unlock this vault, you must first locate the code, which is where the challenge lies.


Finding the Vault Code:


The Accounting Office: 


Your quest for the vault code begins in the heart of the nightclub – the VIP area. After crossing the bustling dance floor, turn your attention to the door on the right. This door leads to the Accounting Office, your gateway to the vault code.


Cracking the Safe: 


Once inside the Accounting Office, your objective is to open a safe. Within this secure container, you’ll find a piece of paper revealing the coveted vault code. Unlike other Payday 3 heists, there’s only one code you need to access the vault in “Rock the Cradle.”


Triggering the Vault Code: 


To initiate the process of searching for the vault code, you have two options:


Hack the computer in the manager’s office where the VIP pass is located. This computer will display an email indicating that the vault code is located in the Accounting Office.


Alternatively, you can examine the vault door itself. You’ll discover a handwritten note containing the same information. Either action will prompt Shade, your guiding voice in the heist, to suggest that you search the Accounting Office.

Accessing the Vault:


With the vault code in your possession, you’re now equipped to unlock the vault and claim the treasures it guards.


Locate the Vault: 


Fortunately, the vault is strategically positioned close to the location where you found the vault code. When you descend the staircase upon entering the VIP area, take note of a maintenance door on the left. Employ your lockpicking skills to access this door. Once inside, unlock and open the vault area door.


Inputting the Code: 


Within the vault area, you’ll encounter a pin pad. Here, you’ll need to enter the four-digit code you discovered in the Accounting Office. Accurate input will result in the vault door swinging open.


Looting the Vault: 


The vault is a treasure trove, packed with cash. You have the option to liberate this wealth, increasing your overall payout for the “Rock the Cradle” heist.


Strategic Considerations:



In the world of Payday, cooperation and communication with your fellow heisters are paramount. To successfully complete a heist and abscond with your ill-gotten gains, you must coordinate with your crew and make the most of your abilities.




The “Rock the Cradle” heist in Payday 3 is a thrilling and challenging mission. With the correct vault code and a well-organized plan, you can secure a substantial payday. Remember, teamwork is key, and the world of Payday is filled with intricacies, so stay vigilant and work together to outwit your opponents. As you navigate the neon-lit labyrinth of “Rock the Cradle,” remember one piece of advice: Don’t spend all that cash in one place!


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