What are the Roles in Smite Tier List

What are the Roles in Smite Tier List?

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Smite is an award-winning free-to-play MOBA released in 2014 by Hi-Rez Studios. It is notable for featuring combatants based on classic and mythical Gods, many of which have been adapted from various faiths throughout history. The game, like most MOBAs, has a ranked mode, with one unique map hosting the game’s most epic battles. The game is currently in Season 8, which has seen a shift in the balance of items and the Gods themselves, as has every season. Despite the constant shifting, some Gods are stronger than others, and we hope to reflect any changes in our Smite tier list with each update. In the most recent version of the list, we select the most powerful Gods for each role as of the 8.6 Bonus Update.
Please keep in mind that this tier list should be viewed as a gauge of God’s potential in the game. Just because a God is in a higher tier does not mean that they are more powerful than a God in a lower tier. Failure to itemize, for example, may result in a S tier God-feeling that is closer to a B tier. Many factors influence which tier a God is assigned, which may change as a result of a new update or new meta becoming dominant.

Smite Season 8’s Top Junglers

Sett – One of the permabanned Gods at the start of Season 8 but has since dropped in priority, but do not underestimate this Egyptian God. With items like Bumba’s and Hydra’s, the Assassin was extremely powerful. This enables Set to spam his two abilities, causing true damage autos on every ability weave. If he needs Crushers or anti-heal, he can also benefit from a solid fourth situational item. With this build, the only real threat is anti-healing, but Set’s damage output means that any squishy who builds anyu becomes the target of Sett’s assassination attempts. Cu and Sobek, on the other hand, are more difficult to one-shot. These two choices have anti-healing built into their kits, as well as some defensive itemization. Although both Sett and Bumba’s Hammer were nerfed in the 8.4 bonus patch, he is still permabanned.

Erlang Shen – Erlang is one of the strongest divers in the game due to his taunt, which locks down enemy Gods. As the taunt is about to expire, hit them with other parts of his arsenal. If the target survives and flees, there is a root that prevents escapes on another ability. As you auto-attack opponents in the taunt knock up combo, use Rush Stone Cutting Sword to reduce physical resistance. If you can do this on a squishy backline member, it will almost certainly result in a quick execution at the end of the ability combo sequence. Purchasing items such as Shifter’s Shield is also a good option for picking targets because the extra damage is useful against targets who are unable to remove the buff. Items like Executioner and Qin’s are also excellent late-game picks to 100-0 someone in the CC chain. Shen has slipped down the Tier List a little, thanks to the increasing preference for Assassins in the Jungle in Season 8, but he is still the best Warrior Jungler.


Nemesis – Nemesis, like Shen, is all about bursting a target down. When Divine Judgement is active, she steals defensive stats from the selected enemy God while slowing their movement. Nemesis has the perfect kill window on a God who cannot escape as long as these abilities are active. Nemesis uses Slice and Dice on the prey during the kill window to chunk them down until they fall. Furthermore, her build path is similar to Erlang’s in that it focuses on large power spikes as soon as you enter combat. Nemesis excels in both organized team play and solo queue, earning her a solid S tier spot on the Smite tier list.

Tsukuyomi – Tsuk, like Sett and Nemesis, is a hyper carry assassin in the Jungle. Bumba’s, as well as Heartseeker, Bloodforge, and Warrior Tabi, is your go-to item. The core of the build is sufficient to destroy squishies and gain a shield to survive the Warriors when they realize an ally has been erased from existence.

Osiris is a Smite Pro League warrior who has begun to dominate the jungle meta. Many casual and Ranked players are still obsessed with removing the OP assassin junglers, but Osiris is one to keep an eye on as the patches progress. Because of his slow movement speed, he makes an excellent ganker, and many are beginning to prioritize his healing denial skill, especially with the rise of self-healing Gods in the meta.

Smite ADC Tier List Highlights 8.6

Several hunters are feeling stronger now that some of the new items have been placed. Items designed for the jungle have so many raw stats that they are suitable for first-time purchases. In this Smite ADC tier list, we examine the highest ranked Gods for the role.

Anhur- is one of the game’s more aggressive carry potential ADCs. Anhur is one of the most powerful Gods in the game, capable of erecting walls to aid his playstyle. The wall is useful for two things: preventing enemies from charging at you, forcing them to use their jumps, and impaling them for a damage window. Furthermore, his Desert Fury ultimate makes him immune to CC, while he fires incredibly powerful AAs at Gods, even through terrain. Anhur is a great sniper with a great toolkit for outplaying the opposition. He is taken a back seat to new ADC gods like Artemis and Izanami.

Apollo is a well-known ADC in the game. The build path includes physical defense while shredding it with auto-attack enhancements. The most expensive items in his inventory are Devourer’s Gauntlet, Protector of the Jungle, Berserker’s, Executioner’s, and Qin’s. Furthermore, Apollo’s songs improve his ability to withstand physical attacks, slide past enemies, and gallop away on his chariot. The position he is in allows him to shred opponents and win team fights, or he can be an annoying split pusher with solid escape tools. Overall, a very safe pick with several playstyles to consider.


Artemis – has risen through the ranks in recent patches thanks to her soft buff in the 8.7 Bonus Update. Now that we are in 8.8, the buffs to her Transgressor’s Fate and Vengeful Assault allow her to shred targets with ease. It is amazing what a minor base damage boost can do for someone is early game, is not it?

Danzaburou – is an ADC on this Smite Tier List with more setup for grabbing himself kills. He can set up a taunt with the Alluring Spirits. Tanuki Trickery’s slipperiness also allows him to get out of awkward situations. His ultimate choice is between diving into an enemy God and avoiding certain death. The only issue is that he uses his ult too late in a fight, which can be body blocked by the meta’s many diving Gods. Having said that, Danza deals far too much damage, and the kit is extremely powerful. Despite not being selected for the SPL, he can still dominate Ranked and other game modes.

Cupid, the Angel of Love, is a powerful ADC. One of the reasons he ranks so high is because of his simple CC and one of the longest ADC dashes in the game. The effects of his CC become stronger the more stacks of mesmerize he has. Overall, a very disruptive ADC who can counter a variety of other ADCs thanks to the potency of his CC. As a result, Cupid is one of the more dependable S tier ADCs on the Smite Tier List.

Chernobog- has recently appeared out of nowhere, with his rooting, three-stack bonus explosion damage, and attack speed steroid making him an excellent pick. In addition, his third ability makes him immune to Warriors and Assassins diving at him if he dashes into a wall. Cherno also has great escape, with his ultimate ability granting a lot of movement speed and escape. Given the current meta, it is safe to say that Cherno is an effective killer and a safe pick.

Because of his anti-assassin playstyle, Heimdallr makes an appearance in the highlights. His Gjallarhorn slows enemy attack speed and knocks opponents back, making it a useful self-peeling tool! If that was not enough, his ultimate sends a key target to different realms, taking them out of the fight for a few seconds. Furthermore, a wise player can make excellent use of Heimdaller’s Bifrost pillars, transforming him into a fantastic split pusher and escape artist. However, he is somewhat difficult to play, so anyone with less than gold can find better alternatives from the Gods listed above.

Izanami- the unconventional ADC, makes the cut. One of the most serious issues with ADCs is their vulnerability to escape. However, with assassins and junglers leaving and solo lanes becoming more interesting, we have found ourselves in a tanky and sustain meta. Izanami is great at countering this with her damage increase steroid skills from her 1 and the slow and silence cc from her other skills. Use that silence to ensure that the new healing supports are unable to do their job effectively. As a result, Izanami is equipped to deal with the current metatrends.

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