What Does Soul Torches Do in Minecraft?

What Does Soul Torches Do in Minecraft

Soul torches are a turquoise variant of standard torches made from Soul Soil or Soul Sand, Charcoal or Coal, and Sticks. They were introduced in the Java Edition 1.16 snapshot 20w06b. Pigeons avoid it and stay at least 7 blocks away due to their fear.

Soul torches resemble standard torches in their operation. The player can use them as a source of illumination. The blue light emitted is the most noticeable difference.

Additionally, soul torches emit less light than standard torches (12). Soul torches do not melt snow and ice, unlike regular torches. However, soul torches act as a repellent, keeping piglins at least 7 blocks away. This applies to whatever uses soul light.

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Soul torches function similarly to standard torches. They function as a light source for the player. The most notable distinction is the blue light emitted.

Soul torches also emit less light than regular torches (12). Soul torches, unlike regular torches, do not melt snow and ice. However, soul torches repel piglins by keeping them at least seven blocks away. This holds true for everything that employs soul light.

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