What Is The Purpose Of A Day Form 3151

What is the purpose of a day form 3151

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Have you ever asked what is the purpose of a day form 3151? A day form 3151 is a document used by employers to track employees’ working hours. This form is typically used for hourly workers, but it can also be used for salaried employees who are paid monthly or quarterly.


Regardless of the employee type, a day form 3151 is intended to help businesses establish a consistent payroll policy and keep their financial records organized.

A day form 3151 does not require any additional legal documentation from the employee. However, most employers use an electronic version of the document as well so that data cannot be accidentally left out or altered after it has been filled out.

Keep reading to learn more about why you should include a day form 3151 in your company’s HR policies and procedures, and how they apply to different employee types.

Track hours of your employees

A day form 3151 is a great way to help keep track of the hours that employees work. Employers are required to track hours worked by employees who are paid hourly, so it’s extremely important for them to take accurate notes of the time their employees put into their jobs.

Tracking hours lets employers see how long their employees are spending at work each day, which can be especially helpful if an employee is not logging a full 40 hours. Tracking hours also lets employers know if an employee is logging extra hours.

For example, if an employee shows up for work at 8 a.m., but they spend 10 hours working, that information is invaluable to employers. It can help them understand why their employees are working longer hours, or if they need to hire someone else to cover shifts that aren’t being covered.

Be transparent with payroll

Employers with a day form 3151 can track the hours that their employees work and keep payroll records accurate. That helps to ensure that employees receive the correct amount of pay each pay period, which can be especially helpful for hourly workers who have no control over their schedule.

Knowing that you have an accurate time log can also help employers stay transparent with their staff. If an employee does not log their correct number of hours, but claims that they were working for their company, a day form 3151 can help you discover the truth.


If a payroll manager makes a mistake, or someone is claiming hours that were not recorded, a day form 3151 can help you prevent any confusion or problems from arising.

Stay on top of overtime requirements

Some employers include a day form 3151 to ensure that they are tracking hours worked. Those employers may also be required by law to track hours worked by hourly workers in order to enforce overtime requirements.

If your business is one of those, tracking hours with a day form 3151 can help you stay on top of the law. Additionally, it can help you avoid any issues with employees who may try to claim that they worked overtime but did not log the time as such.

If an employee comes to work late one day and leaves early the next, they may not log the extra time. But if the employer has a day form 3151, the information in that form can help you determine whether the employee was actually working during their late hours. It can also help you avoid any potential issues with overtime pay.

Keep financial records accurate and current

If you use a day form 3151 to keep track of the hours that employees work, you have an opportunity to keep financial records accurate and current. The financial data that is recorded on a day form 3151 can be used to report employer taxes.

It can also be used by payroll managers to ensure that salaries and payouts to employees are accurate and timely. Tracking hours and keeping financial records accurate and current can make it easy to manage these tasks, and they can also provide peace of mind to the business owner.

If an employee is not reporting their hours accurately, the data recorded on a day form 3151 can help you discover the problem and take action.



While a day form 3151 may seem like a large and complicated task, it can be accomplished easily with a little preparation. With the right policies and procedures in place, your company can track employee hours, keep financial data accurate, and stay on top of overtime requirements.

Implementing a day form 3151 is a great way to streamline your payroll processes and ensure the accuracy of your financial records. If you’re ready to get started, contact your payroll experts today.

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