When Does Dragon Game 4 Come Out

When Does Dragon Game 4 Come Out?

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When Does Dragon Game 4 Come Out? BioWare is developing the fourth installment of Dragon Age. During the 2018 Game Awards, the developer announced the sequel with a cryptic trailer that revealed the return of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Solas.


During the announcement, no date of availability was specified. According to a report from Venture Beat, the game is still “at least three years off.” According to the source, the game is still in very early development and does not even have a name yet.

We have heard rumors about a new BioWare Dragon Age game before. Hudson has previously claimed that he is aware of the demand for a new Dragon Age game and that BioWare is working on top-secret projects that may be related to the property.

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“We hear loud and clear the interest in BioWare doing more Dragon Age and Mass Effect,” said BioWare GM Casey Hudson as part of the company’s mid-summer update. “…rest assured that we have some teams hidden away working on some secret stuff that I think you’ll really like – we’re just not ready to talk about any of it for a little while.

This statement appears to directly address the mounting rumors that Anthem is not a “BioWare game” but rather an EA initiative (whom we assume are twirling their brandy in front of a fireplace and bearskin rug as we speak). Despite statements from current and past BioWare workers that Anthem is very much a game the company is interested in developing right now, there are a significant number of BioWare fans who would prefer to see the firm create a more traditional RPG.


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Regarding this, we are unsure of what to expect from the upcoming Dragon Age game. BioWare has already stated that players should not anticipate that all of their future games will be similar to Anthem. This, paired with statements from Dragon Age series insiders, suggests that the next Dragon Age game will be a “real” Dragon Age game, which we’ll refer to as Dragon Age 4 for now. The fact that a number of individuals strongly affiliated with the Dragon Age franchise (and vintage BioWare games in general) have departed the business in recent years raises some doubt on the nature of the upcoming Dragon Age game.

Here is the rest of what we know about Dragon Age 4:

The title of the book, along with several fan theories circulating after the conclusion of Dragon Age: Inquisition, seems to indicate that the next Dragon Age will take place in the land of Tevinter, which is ruled by mages. There is a tendency for these books to provide information about the Dragon Age games, and although there is currently no description of the book, the circumstantial evidence around Dragon Age 4 almost guarantees that it will take place in or significantly involve Tevinter.


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Date of Dragon Age 4’s Release

Dragon Age 4 will likely not be published until until “fiscal ’22,'” according to EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen. This suggests that the game will likely not be released until the spring or summer of 2022. Also, it will likely release on next-generation platforms.

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