Where is Jamaica Ny International Distribution Center?

Jamaica Ny International Distribution Center
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An international distribution center is a postal facility that aids in the distribution of international mail. These facilities are outfitted with a variety of security measures, including customs checkpoints. Consequently, international distribution centers differ from local postal facilities.


The Jamaica, New York International Distribution Center is one of the more common international distribution centers through which your mail may pass. This facility in New York City facilitates the transport of thousands of international and domestic packages.

Continue reading to learn more about the International Distribution Center in Jamaica, New York. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the postal facility and what to anticipate if your international package passes through it.

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About the International Distribution Center in Jamaica, New York

Simply put, the Jamaica, New York International Distribution Center is a post office where international mail can be sent and received. USPS (United States Postal Service) provides a tracking ID for your convenience when a package arrives at the distribution center and is sent to the United States.


When most people see that a distribution center is located in Jamaica, they assume that it is in the tropical nation. This distribution center is, however, located in New York City, New York. Its address is listed below:

Queens, New York, is a borough of New York City, just like the Bronx and Manhattan, if you are unfamiliar with it. It is not a coincidence that this distribution center is located in New York City.

The distribution center in New York City has easy access to international transportation via major airports and harbors. In other words, this distribution center is situated in its current location because international postal services find it extremely convenient.

For the same reason, one of the five United States International Service Centers is located in New York City.

Delivery Locations

As an international distribution center, the Jamaica, New York International Distribution Center is designed to efficiently process packages destined for or originating from international locations.

The United States, Canada, China, and Australia are among the most frequent addressing countries on packages that pass through this distribution center. However, the center can also serve numerous other locations.



The International Distribution Center in Jamaica, New York is regarded as one of the most dependable facilities. Given that it is one of the larger international facilities, it is equipped with all of the USPS’s resources and has a fairly comprehensive shipping and receiving procedure.

When your package passes through the Jamaica, New York International Distribution Center, you can generally rely on its timely and efficient delivery to your location.

Pandemic Reduces Productivity

However, the distribution center may occasionally impede your postal endeavors on occasion. During the height of the pandemic, for instance, many packages that passed through the center were delayed due to international shipping issues.

These issues were not caused by the International Distribution Center in Jamaica, New York. Instead, the packages were simply held at the distribution center until they could be sent out.

Due to the large number of packages that were placed on hold, even packages that were not affected by the pandemic experienced longer processing times. Parcels that were not on hold had to wait until the center could process them because the center was overrun with packages on hold

Similar to before, this was not an issue or the sole fault of the Jamaica NY International Distribution Center. During this time, all international distribution centers experienced the same difficulties.

Processing Times Slower During the Holidays

During peak postal periods, such as the holidays, longer processing times and decreased efficiency are also commonplace. These longer processing times are primarily the result of an increase in Postal Service users. Again, this is an issue for all international centers at this time, not just the International Distribution Center in Jamaica, New York.

How Long Do Packages Wait At The International Distribution Center In Jamaica, New York?


The exact amount of time a package waits at the Jamaica, NY International Distribution Center depends on a variety of factors, including the container’s contents, the season, the weather, and more.

The center has an average wait time of four days. Because this is merely the average wait time, your package may wait at the center for less or more time. The minimum wait time is less than one hour, while the maximum wait time recorded was 334 days and three hours – that is an insanely long wait!

If your package has already been cleared at an international service center, it will spend less time at the Jamaica, New York International Distribution Center.

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