Where is Police Academy Located in Nigeria

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The primary security and law enforcement organisation in Nigeria is the Nigeria Police Force. The national police of Nigeria, designated by the constitution of 1999 as having exclusive authority over the whole nation, had a staff size of roughly 371,800 as of 2016. Currently, there are plans to add 280,000 new recruits to the 370,000 already in the force, bringing the total to 650,000. The 36 State commands and Federal Capital Territory (FCT), which are divided into 17 zones and 8 administrative units, make up the enormous Nigeria Police Force. Usman Alkali Baba, IGP (Inspector General), now serves as the agency’s leader. In 2020, it got significant renovations. The list of police academies in Nigeria will be revealed in this blog post.


Where is Police Academy Located in Nigeria

Where is Police Academy Located in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, we have about 28 police academies that anyone can attend. They are:

  1. Police Academy, Kano
  2. Police Staff College, Jos
  3. Police Training School, Ilorin
  4. Police Training School, Ikeja
  5. Police College, Ikeja
  6. Police College, Kaduna
  7. Police College, Maiduguri
  8. Police Training School, Ibadan
  9. Police Training School, Benin City
  10. Police Detective College, Enugu
  11. Police College of Information Technology, Abeokuta
  12. Police Mobile Training School, Gwoza
  13. Police Mobile Training School, Ila-orangun
  14. Traffic Training School, Ikeja
  15. Police Training School, Makurdi
  16. Police School of Communication, Ikeja & Kaduna
  17. Police School of Anti-Terrorism, Nonwa-Tai
  18. Police Training School, Sokoto
  19. Police Training School, Bauchi
  20. Police Training School, Minna
  21. Police College, Oji-River, Enugu State
  22. Police Training School, Jos
  23. Police Training School, Nonwa Tai
  24. Police Training School, Oyin Akoko
  25. Police School of Music, Ikeja
  26. Police Training School, Iperu
  27. Police Training School, Calabar
  28. Dog Training Schools, Jos

POLAC School Fees

A school fee is one of the entrance requirements to take into account if you wish to enrol in any of the Police Academies in Nigeria.

Some pupils are ignorant of the police academy’s tuition costs. If you are one of them, stop looking.

How Much Is The POLAC School Fees?

Fortunately, there are no school or tuition fees associated with attending the police academy.

All you have to do is have a JAMB score of 180 or higher and pay the N3,000 academy registration cost.


Nigeria Police Academy Cut Off Mark

180 is the cutoff score for the POLAC in Nigeria. As long as your score is less than 180, you will be taken into consideration.

Nigeria Police Academy Courses

The police academy offers courses in the same manner as any other higher education facility in the nation.

To view the courses they offer, click here.

Is NPA Form Out?

Yes, the NPA admission form is still up and running

How long is the POLAC training in Nigeria?

The 18-month police academy programme is intensive. It is structured into three study levels that last six months each: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

How many years does it take to graduate from Polac?


To graduate from Polac, you must spend at least 5 years there. Both police and academic training are included in it.

In conclusion, the Nigerian Police Academy is comparable to higher education in the nation, where candidates for police officer training attend classes. Since its founding in 1988, the Nigeria Police Academy has taught countless police officers. You must enrol at the Police Academy to become an officer if you wish to join the Nigerian Police Force.

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