Why Does Older Music Sound Better

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Why does older music sound better? As the World get older, Humans get more advanced in so many ways. According to facts, it can be noted that people from all over the world are more beautiful, handsome and intelligent than people of the olden days. There is no dispute pertaining to this.


Now, going straight to the point, Music is something that has been known amongst humans since the beginning of time. Every tribe, culture, language e.t.c. Has its own unique way of creating Music. With the way Music is being available to anyone from around the world, we are therefore able to taste different ways by which Music is made from the very comfort of your home.

Have you ever tried to listen to some songs from a particular place you used to listen to and you are like oh no! No one sings great songs anymore. But why is this? Are we not really making sense in some things we do better before?

Let’s check these various reasons why music of the olden days seem to be better.

Why Does Older Music Sound Better

In recent years, old music has sold better than new. There’s a psychological reason for it:  Familiar music actually feels better to audiences.

In numerous scientific experiments, researchers have shown that subjects are much more likely to report positive feelings from a given piece of music if they’ve heard it before. Songs score even higher marks if they can trigger a specific storied memory — like a late summer night spent driving around with “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” on the radio. Familiar music is also a much more reliable way for people to induce good moods in themselves — in fact, the emotional centers of the brain are more active when one listens to familiar music.


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It makes perfect sense, then, that Guardians of the Galaxy is climbing the charts (spoilers ahead). This mixtape of golden oldies is constantly on Star Lord’s person in the film — he listens to it at the most heightened emotional moments in the film — to cheer himself up, to pump himself up, to get himself ready for romance. That’s because it reminds him of his home planet and of his mother — the familiarity of the music gives it special emotional resonance.

It doesn’t take a scientist to realize that, though — musicians have known it forever.

“There’s no way you can compete with your early records as they’ve resonated with people because they have time to seep into people’s lives,” Jeff Tweedy of Wilco said in 2011. “A new record is immediate, and something immediate will never have the same set of emotions as something that’s been able to accumulate emotions over a long period of time.”

So the next time someone claims that old music is objectively better than new music, remember that there is nothing objective about musical quality. We judge musical quality by our own personal contexts — we invest it with the meaning of our life and our present emotional needs. And right now it makes sense that we needed a bit of ’70s soft rock.



Here, we’ve talked a little about this before; Of course we all know technology keeps getting better! and anything you want to receive can be gotten at the comfort of anywhere. In likewise manner, since anyone can easily get to write a song and produce it with little efforts, it has made it so that lots of people have become musicians creating lots and lots of music everyday, even a 5 year old boy can produce a a song which can go viral. With all of these, it is no wonder when people say no one sings good music anymore.

Being a musician and producing Music in the former days requires much effort, that is why people then take time before producing them.






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