Xweather: A smart Weather forecast Application For Android or iPhone

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XWeather is an application that is just easy and does not cost a penny to use. It helps you to freely check the weather forecast that is so current and accurate in the place you work and your city. Do you know that with xweather application you can create your own weather condition that is customized.



XWeather can offer different other features, widget that are customized and weather data or information that are historical. It is a weather application that is so smart to make use of the  artificial intelligence technology that are the latest. This technology  provides one using this application to the updated data and forecast on all the conditon of the surroundings. users with up-to-the-minute forecasts and information on all surrounding conditions.

If you are planning to travel abroad/overseas and what you need is the precise information about the temperature of the place that are current. This application is so useful to do that even help you with meterological data. Artificial intelligence powered this application so if you want to predict the weather information in your destination. It would help and it could learn about your location and give you for the next days to come weather forecast.

The application can help you to with knowing if the forecast has changed over time and help  not to be indecisive when making plans for your own trip.

How to download and use the XWeather App on Your iPhone

Set up a location for your weather that is out of your present location. You can do this because the application allows you to have a default location base on the custom location you have set so that you can be notified about your weather.

XWeather App for iphone


Use the application for your travel information and traffic alert on your android device. There are two applications integrated with the xweather app which are: XTraffic Lite and XTraffic. They provide you travel notifications which are information about your travelling and your traffic alerts. You just have to create a loncation that is new for where you are going. To download the application is very simple because it is free which can be downloaded on App store. All you need to do is to set up a Touch ID or a passcodeThe app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. You will need to set up a passcode. You would be lucky if you have an iPhone with Touch ID enabled already.

Once you have installed the app after downloading; go to the Xweather main page, you would see the weather section which is exactly where you would find the locations you have saved.

How to Use and download the XWeather App on Android

Do you know the XWeather has been updated and the latest one came with a live weather radar. This weather radar would reveal to you the current condition of your location at once. Through this wonderful applications you can save the weather condition’s information on your android phone. If you would like to show it to your friends, you can also do that.

XWeather App on Android

It is very simple to download this app. Just go to Google playstore, it is available on it. Once you are done downloading it, you are free to use your application which comes with a lot of features such as: Weather Forecasts for 2700+ cities in over 100 countries, Customizable widgets for your home screen Location sharing feature lets you share your current Location with friends, family, and colleagues, Various alert types, including severe weather alerts and school closings.


Xweather application is a beautiful app that assist you in over analyzing the weather condition of your location or another location that you want to travel to. Go get and install the app, if you are so interested about weather forecast. You can get back to us in the comment section below.

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